Tumbledown Mountain 3068`
Found in the Weld region of Maine, is not the highest peak in the region but I think its the most fun for people that don`t want an all day hike.
Pack your lunch for when you reach the pond.

The Loop Trail
starts 5.8 miles from Weld corner. There is a clearing just across from the start of the trailhead. The blue blazed trail rises slowly crossing a brook a couple of times, passing a huge Tumbledown boulder. The trail becomes quite steep opening out onto some the Great Ledges where the views of the 700` cliffs of Tumbledown are outstanding. At this point at a large cairn, the Loop Trail to the saddle turns right. After crossing a brook the steep climb continues, (this is one of the best parts of the trail). Near the top of the gully a side trail takes you into a fissure cave known as Fat Mans Misery. Above this you will find an opening in the boulders with iron rungs, you will not be able to have your pack on as you go thru the opening, just pass your pack up to your fellow hiker making these tight quarters easier to navigate. Any of you claustrophobics beware. From there the trail will summit within a 100 yards or so. The trail leads east and west.

Distance from Byron Notch Road:
to Tumbledown Boulder : 1mil
to cairn at Great Ledges: 1.3 mil
to Saddle 1.9 miles, 1 hr. 45 min.

Tumbledown Pond

Fat Mans Misery

fat mans misery

Brook Trail
Is the most direct route to Tumbledown Pond from the Byron Notch Road. The trailhead starts 1.8 miles from the start of the Parker Ridge Trail and 4.4 miles west of Weld corner.The trail will be on the right just as you cross a large double steel culvert over tumbldown brook. The Brook Trail is marked by a rock at the beginning of the trail and is blue blazed. The first mile of the trail is passable by jeeps then bends to the right, then climbing steeply to the pond.
On some occasions I have seen lots of people, milling about near the pond enjoying their lunch.

Distance 2.5 miles, 1hr. 30min.

Parker Ridge Trail
Taking the road to the right from Byron Notch Road about 2.7 miles west of Weld Corner and about 0.3 mile west of a cemetery. Follow the road northwest about 0.9 miles to a clearing and shelter.This is the parking area, from this area the Little Jackson Trail leaves on a logging road, northwest.

Distances from parking area:
to Parker`s Ridge : 1.9 miles, 2hr.
to pond : 2.2 miles, 2hr. 10min.

Tumbledown Ridge Trail
This trail starting from the pond where Brook and Parker`s Ridge Trails junction, the Tumbledown Ridge Trail crosses west over mostly open ledge to the east peak and junction with the loop trail.A short trail from there will take you to the summit of west peak with some outstanding views into the Swift River Valley, Old Blue and Elephant mountains to the west.

Distances from pond outlet
to East Peak: 0.4 mil
to loop trail junction: 0.6mil
to west peak: 0.7 mil 45min.

Pond Link Trail
Starting at the Parker`s Ridge Trail 0.1 mil east of the pond, the Pond Link Trail, heads north, skirting the east end of the pond for about 100 yrds. Turning east to ascend to the area of land between Parker`s Ridge and Little Jackson at 0.3 from the pond, continuing until it meets the junction with the Little Jackson Trail.

Distance from the pond:
to start of pond Link Trail: 0.1 mil.
to height of land: 0.3 mil.
to Little Jackson Trail: approx. 1 mil. 40 min.

I have tried to put as much detail and accurate information as possible through other resources and my own experiences on what I have hiked and seen as I climb.
This is in my own opinion and should only be used as a guideline and NOT to be used as your sole information.
For a more in depth coverage of these and other trails the
AMC Maine Mountain Guide is a very handy trail guide making a great asset for any hike.

  • Know your own physical limitations, as well as the people you are hiking with, before the hike.
  • Know your own experience, as well as the people you are hiking with, before the hike.
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